unwavering love: kristy & michael


Michael and Kristy’s worlds came together one night in Perth. “We met at a rooftop bar at The Aviary, in Perth. I (Kristy) was coming up the stairs and saw Michael. He caught my eye straight away and I motioned to my friend 'WOW' (or something perhaps a little more French). About 20mins later Shaz and I were on the dance floor getting some air by the balcony when I looked over and he was staring straight at me, with a big vibrant smile and a wave. Naturally, without thinking I waved back like I was acknowledging a friend - and then realised, ''..wait, I don't know him do I?!"

It was clear that a deeper soul recognition was happening here.

A few moments later, Michael came over and introduced himself. Turns out this tall, dark and handsome man in a suit also had an accent. ''Miami, Florida'' he replied when Kristy asked him where he was from. Between sharing their names, interests and hobbies, they started to realise how many passions they had in common. Before they knew it they had exchanged numbers and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Over the last 5 years they have travelled to Paris, Costa Rica, Ireland and the US, sharing plane rides, Skype calls, long distance time zones, the final season of Breaking Bad via Skype together and many many more wonderful memories. Since early 2018, Michael finally moved back to Perth and they have been living in our bliss bubble ever since.


When feeling into how I want to write about this day, really words have failed me. It’s really safe to say that this love I witnessed in front of me is the kind of love that you don’t see in movies, because it’s so much better!

In simply witnessing, it felt as if everyone present all got a little lesson in love, in life & in integrity.

I am a sucker for love, especially since going through the depths to find a love that is unwaveringly steady through (my) ups & downs, that loves regardless of whether it’s ‘comfy’ & most importantly, loves exactly as I am. This is what I see between these two. Safe to say I was in tears & I am so overwhelmingly grateful to have been there.


Dress & earrings: Grace Loves Lace
MUA: Whitney Andrews Make Up
Hair: Jessica Rose Hairdresser
Bridesmaid dresses: One Fell Swoop
Chair hire: Charming Chairs Perth
Chair slips (hired): Styled by Her (northern beaches NSW)
Flowers: Flower Fable (Haylee Di Gregorio)
Wedding floral plinth: Hire Society
Photographer: Bloompress
Videographer: Auburn Hour Films
Props: Pretty Willow Hire Props
Accomodation: Airbnb
Suits: Brittons Formal Wear Perth
Brides shoes: NU
Bride’s ring: grandmothers wedding band
Grooms wedding band: DORA
Reception: Shorehouse