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Walls to rest

by @bloompress & @oliviasteelart




Walls to rest our wildest dreams, for just a little while. We put our hearts together to honour the inner seasons. They all have something to show us about ourselves. Made in a trust that there is a time for everything as making art shows us: it has a time of its own, & it cannot be forced.

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 about your makers


Two introverts who avoid social gatherings: meeting at a social gathering:
Olivia’s edgy & structural aesthetic grounds Jessi’s dreamy words into tangibility, giving them somewhere to land.


About JEssi (left)
The lover of flow

I am a poet, photographer & brand creator, telling stories that bring out just how damn good the everyday can be. I am the creator of Bloompress, a creative direction destination on the Coffs Coast.

I draw my inspiration upon traditional yoga teachings & simple days spent with coffee & sunshine - often dancing between creations.

When I’m not working on my business, you can find me either studying the stars, reading, eating or curled up with my dog Sadie.

About olivia (right)
The lover of structure

I am a local artist from the Coffs Coast & I am obsessed with all things design.

My creations are inspired by interior design & architecture & the shapes that come from the human mind. My work is always evolving depending on what season & space I find myself in.

When I’m not painting or designing, you can find me hanging out with my family, walking along the beach or sipping on a delicious cup of tea.