how suffering is seperate from your pain.

Pain is - unfortunately - just another aspect, colour, feeling that is intertwined with being alive.

& it isn’t a part of our everyday human nature to feel pain & go willingly towards it.

When we look at polarity, we can use examples of yin & yang, light & dark, subtle & dynamic. Two sides of the same coin. The same goes for pleasure & pain.

Pain is the flip side of pleasure. In yoga philosophy it is said that when it comes to our pain we avert away (Dvesha) & it’s far too easy to attach to, even chase, the things that bring us pleasure (raga). But there is going to come a time, sooner or later, where we have to face the things underneath all that chasing to & from. In the West it can manifest as excitement & a dreamlike wandering; looking forward to a festival, a big night out, a birthday, Christmas day even (relevant right now). The time comes & we perhaps don’t feel the way we thought we would or when it’s over - which it inevitably will be. & the chase for the next pleasurable experience begins, all the while we are never quite acknowledging or inviting pain. Inside it can feel like we can never quite relax into the moment because we are always attaching or averting.

Inner suffering occurs when we never break this cycle.

In Yoga philosophy, the work is in becoming neutral to both the pleasures & the pains in life. Because painful experiences are inevitable & sometimes they come in times we least expect them to. How can you invite pain in just as much as you invite pleasure? In breathing space for our own pain, we give it the space to pass as it needs to, in it’s own time. Here we don’t create additional suffering as we are not trying to avert away from something that is really coming forward for us. We then become neutralised, & the moment in front of us, & our breath become our bittersweet access point.

If we can create a level of acceptance, a level of tenacity in dealing with the day to day things that would usually cause us discomfort & suffering, we become then open to LIFE. That part of us that knows, the part that resembles the seasons, the changing tides, the great divine mother.

Suffering happens when we resist feeling what is there in front of us. Invite space for all of yourself, not just the parts you ‘like.’ The middle ground is a beautiful place.

Shine on, Jessi x