jessi simpson

PHOTOGRAPHER, poet, brand creator

turning fleeting moments into little forevers


i'm jessi simpson, a poet, creator, lover & teacher, drawing my creations upon ancient yogic teaching & a felt experience of trauma & healing.

i have a deep intention to serve women, teaching them to embody their entire selves through words, photography & brand creation, to live sacredly & ritualistically around what sets their soul on fire & with it: the whole damn world.

i am a photographer, writer, yoga teacher & brand creator: telling stories that bring out just how damn good the everyday can be.

i grew up with simple coastal roots on the west-coast of Australia, before moving to chase the hustle bustle of Melbourne & a career in media, modelling & storytelling. not too long in i discovered more of a passion for the story creation behind the lens, behind the tangible. i fell in love with the process not the end result. i left study at the door, & started my own photography & creative direction business.

now i live by the ocean, tucked away in a small coastal town in Northern NSW with my lover & dog.

my days are spent slowly, yoga & coffee in the mornings, followed by simple days full of work that sets me alight: photography shoots, creative direction, writing, to teaching yoga at a local studio.

Working closely with families & with the children of the earth first came to me in a time of true falling apart, & rock bottom in many areas. I got a part time job as a nanny for a beautiful boy called Max, when he was 2. It went on to become one of the best, most rewarding relationships of my life up until that date. What I realised was that I had a lot to learn from Max, & that I had a world of love & nurturing to pass on to him. A 2 year old taught me how much space just one moment can hold. Nannying for a combination of over 4 years between then & now has been my biggest blessing. I have discovered patience, selfless service, better self-care, fierce creativity, playfulness, & the space where the heart & imagination go free to roam inside-out.

I was studying my undergraduate degree in media & communication at the time after years of to-&-fro-ing between modeling, acting, natural medicine studies, never quite feeling home in any of it.

Storytelling was what brought me to this degree, after all it’s how we have passed on tradition for centuries. I had hopes of developing the skills to become a better writer, when I found myself in an introduction to photography class. I had been exposed to this visual medium in so many ways before, but something just shifted & I was in love.

My style is emotive, flowing & real. I am weak at the knees for nostalgia & sentimental treasures. I will get down into the dirt with your beautiful children, & I will goof out with them. I will hold space for you & your precious moments like no other & by the end of our session you will be so damn present & unapologetic down to your bones that you will want to do it all again.

One thing is for certain, you will not regret capturing the love, the tears, the frolicking, the cool sunset air on your skin, the blood pumping through your bones from just how good it is, this moment.

I work in my places of heart: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & the Coffs Coast & am available anywhere for your special day.

this is us
image by:  fox & kin

image by: fox & kin


goofy facts about me.


People often refer to me as a fluffy headed goofball with a big feeling heart.


I love a good avocado. It makes me the happiest girl to open up an avo that is just perfectly ready to eat… whole. Time to pull out the spoon & scoop it allll out.


When I am not busy working away on my dreams you can find me down at the beach with my beautiful man & dog, practicing yoga or messily writing away in the pages of my unorganised journal. I love unstructured creative time where I just let my muse go WILD… & boy does she. Matt is always one step behind & always putting up with random stuff all over the house. I think it’s so important to structure time for play, without the pressure of it having the ‘business’ aspect tied to it.


I am a hermit AND a lover of exploration, an introverted extrovert! I KNOW, I confuse me too. I just have to be really good at checking in & knowing which space I sit at any particular time.


I cannot. freaking. wait. to become. a mama. One of my dreams is to have camping weekends with babies & allll the dogs in tow. I also want to specialise in capturing the most incredible part of our existence: birth & follow this dream on with capturing mamas with their little ones.